Air Handling Units For Clean Rooms;

Renair Air Handling

Air Handling Units for clean rooms;

Air Handling Units are solutions for heating, cooling and ventilation needs of a building. The first thing that needs to be done is to have efficient filtration on Air handing Units by considering the dimensions of the pollutants. A perfectly selected and designed air handling unit with demanded hvac features and good filtration systems could be a complete solution for indoor air quality.

There are different type of Ahu’s according to project site that they are going to be used.

*Clean Room AHU’s;

As Renair, we manufacture bespoke hygenic air handling units for clean rooms,hospitals and for pharmaceutical factories.

This type Ahu’s have different manufacturing standards .

  • DIN 1946 T4 (12/2008)
  • VDI 6022 (04/2006)
  • DIN EN 130053 (04/2002)

We are strictly following above standards and designing and manufacturing our hygenic AHU’s accordingly. They also offer high purificaton of air thanks to different type of filters.

We are offering Hepa filters with our air handling units to capture viruses especially Covid-19 viruses.

*Dehumidification of swimming pools is also possible with RENPOOL swimming pool air handling units. They are plug and play units We manufacture them according to pool surface square meter.

Please contact for an Air Handling Unit that completely covers your project requirements